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The invention is an integrated system and method that allows a coach to design and conduct training strategies to maximize athletic performance and monitor progress. The system employs an underwater light system that paces an individual swimmer’s training session. The system has a computer interface which allows a coach or a swimmer to input a particular training strategy using pace lights and timing system or, alternatively, using the system’s internal training programs. The system allows a coach to set an individual swimmer’s pace, distance, rest intervals, repetitions, sets, and dive and turn pace. The system provides a method to collect instantaneous velocity data from a swimmer. The device can be used with up to 6 swimmers per light strip (lane) at a time. The invention facilitates the improvement of the swimmer’s biomechanics (technique), distance per stroke, and aerobic and anaerobic metabolism, thereby improving the swimmer’s performance as demonstrated by a published report. The system is applicable to other sports, such as track, football, etc.
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