Perfluorocarbons as Anti-Inflammatory Compounds

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Lipid peroxidation resulting from oxygen free radicals attack is a significant mechanism in the genesis of cell injury in living organisms. This process leads to destruction of polyunsaturated fatty acids in the cell membrane and lipid layer death. Perfluorocarbons are a class of substances capable of carrying oxygen, with applications as vehicles for lipid ventilation and as blood substitutes. We now have evidence that perfluorocarbons prevent cells and non-biological systems from undergoing lipid peroxidation as a result of reactive oxygen species attack. Owing to the fact that perfluorocarbons can be placed in direct contact with the lung tissue (a site of free radical-mediated injury) and blood vessels (a site of free radical-mediated atherosclerosis), this finding has potential applications in prevention and treatment of certain disease processes, including aging, atherosclerosis, cancer, inflammation, infection, sepsis, as well as neurodegenerative, cardiovascular and respiratory diseases, and research.
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