Analog Paralysis of Quorum Sensing of P. aeruginosa

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The ability to disrupt bacterial cell signaling systems could potentially provide for a number of new medical, dental and industrial applications. In the medical field, compounds that interfere with these communication systems can prevent the expression of virulence factors and the formation of biofilms. In doing so, the effects of antibiotics can be potentiated, antibiotic resistance can be limited and the frequency of in-dwelling medical device removal and/or replacement can be reduced. UB researchers have developed a unique strategy to synthesize autoinducer analogs that exhibit antagonist activity in the quorum sensing cascade. The creation of these libraries involves state-of-the-art solid phase synthesis. These autoinducer analogs may be used by themselves or in conjunction with antibiotics to disrupt bacterial biofilm formation, thereby making the microbes responsible for the infection more susceptible to host defenses and anti-infectives alike.
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